Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

Navitas Naturals Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouches

Description :
The chia seed was eaten by the Aztecs for strength and was a main staple food along with corn and beans. This bag contains 100% pure chia seed that is kosher, vegan, gluten-free and raw. Chia is an excellent vegetarian source of omega fatty acids, an easily digestible form of protein and full of minerals, vitamins and soluble fiber. It has much in common with flaxseed with the distinct advantage that the natural antioxidants make it more stable. Navitas Naturals’ mission is to provide premium organic power foods that increase energy and enhance health. Our products are of the highest quality, sourced directly from farmers, cultivated sustainably and in accordance with fair trade practices. Product of Mexico/Bolivia - Packed in USA

Small, whole and organic, the chia seeds are offered here in the purest state

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